It was lovely working with Sean & Gemma who met by being introduced by Sean’s Mum and Gemma’sĀ Auntie who work together. Sean & Gemma had been going out for nearly 5 years when Sean proposed at Barton Marina after a walk around the lake – getting down on one knee!

Their wedding theme was vintage / afternoon tea with beautiful hues of yellow and white, incorporating hessian bunting and real tree trunks displaying the wedding cake and cupcakes.

For their honeymoon Sean & Gemma had the best of both worlds by having a mini-moon first at a forest retreat for a couple of nights along with an outdoor hot tub! This was followed by a honeymoon to Italy travelling to Venice, Rome, Florence, Pisa and finishing in Sorrento.

The wedding cake was a 2 tier vanilla sponge with seedless raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream covered in white chocolate ganache and ivory sugar paste. It was decorated with edible lace, handmade sugar roses, bunting and 2 cute pig toppers. Complimenting the cake were cupcakes in several different designs and flavours including carrot, chocolate, caramel & vanilla.

As you can see from the photos (courtesy of Gareth Newstead Photography) they had a wonderful day.