1:2:1 Masterclass

This year we have introduced our Masterclass 1:2:1 which are proving to be a great success. The masterclasses are held for a full day and are structured around what you want to learn. This way you can fine-tune your skills and practice the areas that need the most help. Usually, the day starts with a big cup of coffee or tea and a chat about which areas you are wanting to develop. After this, the lesson begins.

What happens during a Masterclass?

In February, we had Bob attend a masterclass. He was quite happy with baking but needed some help with the decoration of his cakes. We started the day right back at basics and even just filling the cake Bob picked up some valuable lessons. From there we went onto the ganache layer. Usually, Bob would use butter cream, but I think we now have a convert. After the ganache was applied and straight edges created, we went through the different types of sugar paste, and after the cake was covered, we listed several different methods of achieving those straight edges.

Bob had made only 1 rose in the past so again we looked at the different mediums he could use, and which were the best. Once the flower paste was coloured, we set about creating the rose and the method to use to make it look realistic. After some subtle dusting and a few petals, the cake was ready to put together.

Testimonial from Bob

“Today, I had the pleasure of a 1:2:1 masterclass with Jo (a Christmas gift from my partner). I am a keen home baker who has wanted, for some time, to improve my (very basic and rustic) cake decorating skills. Jo communicated with me before the day to discuss what I wanted to achieve from my time with her, so the day was designed around me and what a day I had as we worked through the process of decorating a four-layer cake. Jo’s website contains many photographs which give testimony to her cake making expertise. I can add that she is a really lovely lady with an abundant willingness to share her knowledge. I learned how to properly prepare my cakes and cover them with sugar paste complete with nice sharp corners. No more tilting cakes for me and no more textured finishes simply because I don’t know how to apply a smooth one. I learned about the different types of sugar paste and the properties and appropriate use of each. I learned how to make roses, rose buds and textured leaves and how to add a dusting of colour to give them life, so much so that my daughter thought they were real roses! Best of all, I got to bring home the fruits of my labour, the only trouble is, it looks too good to eat. Eventually, I will put a knife through it but not until I have admired it for a little longer. I learned so much from the day. Skills that can be expanded as far as my imagination allows. Jo answered every question my inquisitive mind put to her, in a simple way that I could understand and with no regard to keeping trade secrets secret. I was with her for 8 hours, it seemed much less. I took away so many simple but clever little tips, including one about keeping a pop sock filled with cornflour in my decorating kit. An excellent, practical, informative and enjoyable day.”

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest cake bite – see you soon for another slice!

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